A new assortment of Mirinda, communicated with an ad campaign in Romania

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Mirinda introduced on the Romanian market a new pear drink, a product completing the range of Mirinda soft drinks which also includes flavors like orange, lemon and grapes.

During the new campaign, the pear replaces the apple in the stories that made it famous, bringing a fresh taste and a different end for known scenarios.

Mirinda schimba cursul istoriei cu noul sortiment de pere

The pear is an authentic fruit, extremely present and appreciated, but who isn’t as much of a celebrity as the apple – the main character in so many stories. This is why, with the launch of Mirinda Pear, we are inviting the consumers to make a fun exercise together with us and to imagine how would it be if, over the history, apple’s role would be interpreted by the pear

Lavinia Barbu,

Brand Manager Flavors & Energy, PepsiCo Romania.

The stories of the new Mirinda Pear campaign are communicated via TV ad, social media and PR activities.

The teams involved into the campaign:

Mirinda Para

  • PepsiCo: Calin Clej (Marketing Director, PepsiCo Greater Balkans Beverages & South Eastern Europe Franchise), Adriana Nestoriuc (Associate Marketing Manager CSD & Juices, PepsiCo Romania), Claudia Crisan (Brand Manager Juices & Flavors, PepsiCo Romania), Lavinia Barbu (Brand Manager Flavors & Energy, PepsiCo Romania) and Ana-Maria Nastase (PR Specialist, PepsiCo Romania).
  • TV ad and campaign materials: Grafitti BBDO and Studioset – production  house.
  • OMD Romania: Razvan Meirosu (Media Director) and Andrei Albu (Media Manager).
  • Golin Bucharest: Irina Roncea (Director, Corporate Division), Stefan Alina (Manager, Corporate Division), Raluca Stoica (Media Associate, Corporate Division), Raluca Duta (Chief of The Bridge) and Ioana Samoila (Digital Associate).