Geometry Global Bucharest came up with the mobile phone app that can “Read a Tree”

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Geometry Global Bucharest, part of the largest brand activation network, today launched a new mobile app for the Romanian online bookseller Elefant that allows people to get a free e-book by simply scanning any tree around them.


“Read a Tree. Save a Book.” is the core message designed to convince people to read e-books instead of paper ones. Through the app, users are also invited to share their “tree moments” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and sustain the digital tree revolution. “Read-A Tree” mobile app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or App Store.

With the help of the online bookseller, the trees are promoting the digital alternative in a cool and thought-provoking way. Because, as rewarding as it might seem to become literature, every tree would rather get to live another day

Campaign creators from Geometry Global Bucharest.

read a tree
“Read a Tree” free mobile app uses visual recognition software to help identify tree shapes regardless of the size, color or location. It was created by using image recognition technologies and, together with the social message, it aims to generate user content and website traffic on the bookseller platform. This is an interactive app dedicated not only to e-book lovers, but to all who are aware of the damage done to trees. The bookseller embraced the idea and offered an impressive e-book collection to the app users for free.

The mobile app is already gaining momentum following today’s launch with further focus planned for the
coming weeks, mainly through online activity.

Campaign credits:

  • Alen Todorov – Head of Marketing
  • Geometry Global Bucharest: Mihai Fetcu – Creative Director, Stefan Vasilachi – Head of Art, Matei Vasiliu – Senior Art Director, Rares Dumitrel – Senior Copywriter, Mihaela Bourceanu – Client Service Director, Patricia Arbanas – Account Director, Mina Ionescu – Jr. Digital Account Manager, Madalina Gogu – Account Executive, Ionut Iacobache – Production Manager, Dorina Sandu – DTP, Mihaela Zaharia – PR.