Romanian the group launched a new agency, specialized in programmatic media

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For us, internet is another dimension of preoccupation, interaction, communication and existence, including commercial, for people and brands. Our clients were expecting from us, as always, to outrun the future. Prometheus is the answer for brands’ performance need, for efficient marketing solutions in this “another dimension. The launch of an agency specialized in programmatic means a sizable investment and we are happy we were able to do it, for the benefit of our clients

Zoltan Szigeti,

President The Group.

Programmatic media is the newest development for the abilities and professional competencies of promoting brands in an adequate, complex, customized and efficient manner, with data’s and technology’s help.

Prometheus is the first Programmatic media & marketing analytics specialized agency in Romania and the only to  offer complete programmatic solutions though own tech and instruments and due to the first contract signed with Google by a Romanian agency for access to Google’s exclusive platform and instruments.

Programmatic planning & buying activity, the marketing analytics capability, although used as notions on a larger scale, are fully understood and applied by few specialists. Their results will reshape efficiently the reports between brands and consumers over the internet, will bring good news to “alive” and active websites, for publishers, bloggers and owners of relevant content, will contribute to an increased efficiency of brands’ investments in communication. Media Investment’s clients will benefit directly by the expertise offered now by Prometheus.

Dan Balotescu,

Managing Partner Media Investment.


Prometheus, managed by Cecilia Tanasoiu, has a team of 7 people specialized in Programmatic media and marketing analytics.

Our colleagues from Media Investment were already offering this kind of services to the clients but we realized, meanwhile, that Programmatic media activity is specialized and much more sophisticated that one simple division from a classical media agency can offer. In this moment, only us, Prometheus, are owning the complete package: own instruments, technology, data, analytic capabilities and the access to the Google’s Programmatic platform in Romania

Cecilia Tanasoiu,

Managing Director Prometheus.



By launching Prometheus, the group – which reunites 11 agencies specialized in different communication disciplines – consolidates its position on Romanian communication market.