Herezie Paris brings sharpness into the spotlight for Miyabi

Ads, Creativity

After a previously successful of the campaign-  “The Beauty of Sharpness”, which featured an elegant product demonstration without showing any knives – , Herezie France came with a new campaign – “Long Lasting Sharpness”- in which it uses finesse and simplicity to highlight the merits of Japanese Miyabi knives (owned by German brand Zwilling JA Henckels).


This time, Herezie adopts a very different style, but one that equally finds its roots in Japanese culture. Inspired by the sleek style of famous designers such as Ikko Tanaka and Shigeo Fukuda, this new series of visuals highlights slices of salmon, watermelon and ham as thin as sheets of paper.

The campaign features three knives of the 5000MCD Miyabi range, a true hallmark of quality and cutting: The Gyutoh for meat, Sujihiki for fish and Shotoh for fruits and vegetables.


Herezie is an independent and multidisclinary agency, which was created in June 2010 by Andrea Stillacci, Luc Wise and Pierre Callegari. The Paris based agency is working for more than 30 clients, including international accounts such as Essilor, Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company.


Campaign credits:

Client: Miyabi ( Zwilling J.A Henckel Group )

Communication and Marketing Director: Nathalie Chabert

Agency: Herezie, France

  • Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
  • Creative Directors: Mathieu Nevians, Olivier Henry
  • Strategic planning Director: Luc Wise
  • Copywriter / Art Director / illustration: Jacques Denain, Nicolas Duménil
  • Agency Print Producer: Capucine Lhermitte