Last stage of BRAT’s auction to select the mobility study provider for OOH Audience Study

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Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit (BRAT) prepares the last stage of the auction which aims to designate the providers of the mobility study part of OOH Audience Study (SAO). The presentations of the offers by the finalist research companies will take place on May 14th. The finalists of the pitch are GfK Romania, Ipsos Research Romania and Metro Media Transilvania.

The launch of the OOH Audience Study is the most ambitious project of BRAT for this year. The initiative is of major importance for the specialized industry, bringing in focus the efforts to make transparent the outdoor advertising market, professionalization of ad space transactions and achieving a transactions method unanimously accepted by the market.

Besides the benefits it offers to the outdoor industry, SAO is also important for local and central authorities, as it will provide relevant information to them and will contribute with solid data to adopting decisions related to the industry


SAO’s launch will mean a change of paradigm for the entire outdoor industry, which will align to the level of transparency and professionalism already normal for the other media (print, online, radio, TV). We found out, from the consultations we had before starting this project, that both clients investing in outdoor and the service providers from this industry want to measure in as professional and adequate manner as possible the performances of OOH and reposition transactions in this area on professional and credible criteria. The transactioning of the ad space based on audience results obtained based on a methodology accepted by the entire industry will lead, on long term, to a predictibility and stability of the OOH advertising investments, with the medium becoming more attractive for ad investments

Arina Ureche,

General Manager BRAT.