Business Review gives sense to Romanian contrasts, in a campaign signed by CohnandJansen JWT

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CohnandJansen JWT signs the first image campaign for Romanian publication Business Review. Positioned as the first business magazine of English language in Romania dedicated to expats and businessmen, Business Review decodes the local economic, politic and social reality, explaining it clearly, on a neutral and professional tone, through analysis and exclusive interviews.

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No matter how much a businessman would try to understand Romania, it is difficult to make rational business decisions in a developing country which is continuously changing. The contrasts present at every step within the business environment are still shocking at the first sight. The avalanche of information we are bombarded with every day doesn’t help us to understand a lot about the real economic context in Romania in order to make the correct decisions

Oana Molodoi,

Business Development Director Business Review

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Despite contradicting information on Romania, there is a logical explanation and Business Review’s role is to help local and foreign businessmen to understand Romania.

Starting from this context, CohnandJansen JWT team managed to build an interesting and challenging campain, positioning Business Review as the publication that helps to slalom through opportunities and traps, under the slogan “Business Review. Make sense of Romania”.

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In a country where quality press is harder and harder to find, communication campaigns become increasingly important. That is why we strove to be memorable and surprising, but mainly very relevant for the potential business readers

Alex Negoescu,

Creative Director CohnandJansen JWT

We wish, with this campaign, to bring into the spotlight a Romania of paradoxes, with both good and bad, as we do it on monthly basis also in Business Review. In the same time, we aim, with these messages, to gather attention over the objectivity of Business Review’s redaction style and to convince the public to appreciate even more an impartial source of information. Realistically looking at our economic and social situation and to the paradoxes that are characteristic to us as a nation, we can identify viable solutions for country’s economic development

Anda Sebesi,

Editor in Chief Business Review

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The campaign is declined online (banners on partner websites and own website and newsletter, Facebook ads), outdoor (ads on video panels in Bucharest’s Old Center and intense traffic areas in Bucharest, billboards, banners in important areas), indoor and print.

Moreover, the campaign has its own app and a dedicated page on BR, with articles from this section to be marked with campaign’s tagline, “Make sense of Romania”.

The dedicated section on the website includes the app and a selection of news and market analysis made exclusively by Business Review’s editors. In the app, users can select and put together pre-defined info about Romania and can create their own paradox, which they can afterwards share with their Facebook and LinkedIn friends. Moreover, from the same section, Business Review readers can send, via email, their suggestions on contrasting things they saw or lived. The most interesting ones will be uploaded in the app or used as part of the editorial analyses

Iulia Niculae,

Account Director CohnandJansen JWT.


  • CohnandJansen JWT: Iulia Niculae – Account Director, Alex Negoescu – Creative Director, Adina Stanescu – Copywriter, Octavian Budai – Art Director, Bianca Maria Cauc – Account Executive.
  • Business Review: Oana Molodoi –Business Development Director, Anamaria Radu – Marketing Manager.