LEGS’ Geremy Jasper directs David Beckham and Harvey Keitel in a surrealist, modern-day fable

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LEGS’ Geremy Jasper has teamed with iconic British clothing brand Belstaff to direct a  surrealist film in the cinematic vein of Fellini and Sergio Leone. Outlaws, which stars David Beckham, Katherine Waterston, Cathy Moriarty and Harvey Keitel is a heart-thumping fever dream filled with danger, foreboding and romance.

Shot over six days in and around Mexico City, and based off of a screenplay written by Jasper two years ago, Outlaws  is a classic story told in a new way. It combines black and white and colour cinematography to create a hypnagogic vision of the Mexican landscape during the early 1950’s, a strange setting populated by even stranger people, including peculiar circus performers, a blind tarot card-reading seer, motorcycle gangs and sugar skull sporting mariachi musicians.


For me, it’s a very personal film and I’ve been waiting more than a decade to be able to tell this kind of story with this kind of visual style (…) Belstaff were looking to make a short film starring David and they loved the story, so they joined forces with LEGS and supported me whole heartedly in what I wanted to do creatively.


LEGS is always pushing the visual ways stories can be told, and often partners with agencies and brands to create rich narratives and engaging viewer experiences (…) Across everything LEGS does there’s a consistent combination of the classic and the avant garde at play that keeps pushing us all forward.

Adam Joseph,

LEGS Co-Founder, Managing Director and Executive Producer for Outlaws

The 15-minute short film features Beckham as a mysterious drifter who, astride his motorcycle, races across the sweltering landscape with a rabid gang of bounty hunters hot on his heels. He gives his pursuers the slip by sneaking into an all-night cinema, only to find it’s playing a film in which he’s the star. It’s a film about a beautiful trapeze artist, played by Waterston, and a motorcycle stuntman played by the drifter. It’s revealed that romance and trouble ensued behind the scenes, forcing our hero and his leading lady to live life on the lam, hunted by the film’s  maniacal director, played by Keitel.


  • Production Company: LEGS Media
  • Director: Geremy Jasper
  • Executive Producers: Adam Joseph, Tom Berendsen
  • Creative Director (LEGS): Geremy & Georgie
  • Producer: Paul Laurens
  • Editorial Company: Final Cut
  • Editor : JD Smyth
  • VFX Company: Significant Others
  • VFX supervisor – Dirk Greene
  • Color: Color Collective
  • Colorist: Alex Bickle
  • DP: Michael Ragen
  • Original Music (LEGS): Geremy Jasper & Jason Binnick