Brandient designed the new energy drink brand, Badster

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Brandient created Badster, a new energy drink brand, for an Eastern European beverage distribution group determined to build on its extensive knowledge of international market distribution. In order to challenge the stiff competition, the brand needed to literally burst with energy, and to impress a very young, mostly male target, who is always looking for a feeling of “unreasonable freedom” — all these using only the restrictive real estate of a 250 ml aluminium can.

One thing led to another, and the name presented itself: Badster. Strategy-abiding, self explanatory and self ironic. Furthermore, the identity and packaging design strived to unleash the maximum level of energy possible.

The furious explosion of wilderness on the can comes literally from within, bursting through the B monogram, carved out as a jinxing number 13. The toughest challenge was to treat the brand’s payload of extremes in a cool, neo-noir graphic novel look and feel.

Cristian Petre,

Partner & Design Director Brandient

Brand manifestations proliferate the same sardonic appeal in both visual applications and brand rhetoric: “No bull. No sh*t”, “Life’s a dog”, “No sugar talk added.”