Pastel Romania at 10 years: integrated team headed by Dana Nae Popa

Business, Creativity

Romanian integrated communication agency Pastel enters its 10th years of activity with a strong team, under the vision and management of Danei Nae Popa.

In 2016, Pastel’s vision and strategy have a clear direction towards creativity and integrated solutions. To support this direction, agency’s departments are coordinated by specialists that have the mission to make sure that all proposals going to the clients have an integrated approach and creativity: Ramon Gorjanu-Radu and Irina Gingu – Creative Directors, Mihaela Stoica – Client Service Director, Cristina Oncescu – Senior Strategic Planner, Simona Mincu – Head of PR and Oana Cristea – Internal Communication & Public Affairs Manager.

Dana Nae Popa_managing director

Integrated communication is a strategic priority for Pastel and comes to meet our partners, by treating each brief being treated not only punctual (—) but developing and offering integrated solutions to add plus value to the project. Pastel’s  vision is defined by 360°, added by each specialist from the team together with people from key points of the agency. I am glad we started this 10th year with a strong team and that in this vision of the agency are present also 8 former colleagues. They accepted to return and answered Pastel’s invitation to rejoin the team (…)

Dana Nae Popa,

Managing Director Pastel