Media Fact Book – at the 20th edition, announces increases of 6% for Romanian media market in 2015 and 2016

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Romanian media market posted, last year, the biggest increase after the economical crisis, 6%, a percentage to be maintained also this year, according to the Media Fact Book, an annual report made by Initiative, part of IPG MediaBrands. The report reached its 20th edition and is the only analysis offering a complete and objective XRay of the Romanian media market.

Alexandra Olteanu, Managing Director Initiative

2015 and 2016 bring a confirmation on the stabilisation of the Romanian media market. Of course, we cannot talk about booms like the ones previous to the crisis, but the most important is that we assist to a constant and healthy growth, which can bring more benefits on medium and long term for the market and for the entire marketing and communication industry

Alexandra Olteanu,

Managing Director, Initiative.

TV continued to be the growth engine for the media market in 2015, posting volumes increased by 7% compared to 2014 and reaching to a value of Euro 212M. Other channels that posted growth were online (+12%, to Euro 57M) and radio(+5%, to Euro 19M), while OOH maintained to Euro 28M. The only ad channel that decreased its ad revenues last year was print, down 10%, to Euro 16M.

Initiative estimates Romanian media market will reach to a value of Euro 351M in 2016, following a new increase of 6%. The evolution for each channel will be similar to 2015: TV up by 6%, online – +12%, radio – +5%, while OOH will maintain to the same level and the print will continue to fall, also by 10%.

Compared to the previous editions, MFB 2016 introduced a new chapter on trends to have a significant influence over the Romanian media market during the following years.

At the 20th MFB anniversary edition, we assumed a new challenge which involves a change of perspective. This way, starting with this year, we aren’t focusing anylonger over the numbers related to the media market’s evolution and estimations for the current year, but we look towards the future in order to identify the main trends, in order to analyze the next best thing and to find out how we can prepare better, as marketing and communication professionals, for the next decades

Alexandra Olteanu.