BDR Associates supports the development of the comm market in Moldova

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BDR Associates-Communication Group obtains, for the 10th year in a row, the consultancy and assistance in strategic communication contract for the EU Delegation in the Republic of Moldova, thus reconfirming its support, based on proper communication, for the European direction and the economic transition effort carried by the Republic of Moldova towards the status of emerging market.

The consultancy and strategic communication group BDR Associates, partner of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, part of WPP group, confirms its complex professional capabilities to assist its clients in anticipating, understanding and overcoming all risk and change issues that organizations might encounter in a market undergoing growth, change or transition, in Romania and Republic of Moldova alike, as well as in other emerging or well-established markets, in Europe and Asia.

With almost 14 years of presence in the Republic of Moldova, BDR Associates contributed to shaping the communication market of the neighboring country, setting high, Western-European standards in terms of values and professional approach, when unfolding communication activities for various clients in the governmental or private sector, meeting various opportunities offered by the Moldovan market, experiencing an ascending path towards international recognition.

Using its expertise and deep understanding of the European policies in the Republic of Moldova, BDR Associates has recently completed the communication process for promoting DCFTA (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area) ), as part of the Good Governance project implemented by the Moldovan Government in partnership with a prestigious global consultancy company. For this purpose, BDR tailored a communication campaign which also included the governmental strategy for promoting DCFTA component, within the Moldova–European Union Association Agreement, aimed to encourage foreign investment in the Republic of Moldova and extend local products and services export to the large EU markets.

Catalina Rousseau (Stan)

We are present in the Republic of Moldova for 13 years, initially as pioneers of strategic communication, nowadays as an agency of choice for the local business environment, entrepreneurs or foreign investors. I believe we have the obligation to contribute to the ascending economic trend in the neighbouring market and this is why we are interested in associations with powerful external companies, able to attract major investments, while transferring know-how in favour of the Republic of Moldova. Projects such as DCFTA are part of the extensive endeavours carried by the Moldavan government in view of becoming an emerging market and, simultaneously, open the European markets for Moldavan products and services, representing economically competitive and attractive segments. The business environment is a key player in achieving this objective. We are honoured by the partnerships with several major global consultancy companies, together with whom we collaborate in Romania and the Republic of Moldova for projects with long-term objectives, with the purpose of bringing economic benefits and social progress

Catalina Rousseau,

President &CEO BDR Associates

BDR Associates team in Moldova comprises 8 consultants specialized in corporate communication, financial communication, internal communication, public affairs, reputation and crisis management, change communication and branding, with over 13 years of work for governmental institutions and international organizations in the Republic of Moldova, such are World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, USAID, WHO. At the same time, BDR Associates assisted clients from the private sector in market segments like Financial – Banking, Oil & Gas, Constructions, Information Technology, other industries.

According to the State Chamber of Registration of Moldova, EU investors represent a majority share of 52.2% out of the total foreign investments in the neighboring market. At the same time, in January 2016, 1,600 companies with Romanian capital were registered in the Republic of Moldova, representing 16% out of the total foreign companies, with Romania ranked 1st in terms of foreign investors number.

According to the official data in Moldova, direct foreign investment reported a 1.2% increase in the first trimester of 2016, versus the end of the 2015, namely USD 41.66 million.

Key beneficiaries of the foreign investment in the Republic of Moldova are the financial sector, manufacturing industry, trade, real estate, transportation and telecommunication, energy, construction, health and social assistance.

The main fields attracting Romanian investments in the Republic of Moldova are oil, construction materials, food, transportation, IT&C, trade, consultancy, communication and tourism.