BRAT launched SAO, first study in Romania to measure OOH audience

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Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit (BRAT) launched SAO (Outdoor Audience Study), a study aimed to estimate the audience of OOH panels and profile those getting in contact with them. SAO is the first study of this kind launched in Romania and will provide results for over 10K ad panels in Bucharest and other 10 Romanian towns.

SAO’s launch marks a historic moment for the advertising industry in Romania. Along with publishing the results of this study, any ad client will have at disposal results for all media channels: internet, TV, radio, print and OOH. SAO answers a real need of the media and ad industry: making investments in a professional manner, based on efficiency criteria, using audience results which are credible, correct, transparent and comparable for all channels. I congratulate the members of the association who participated to the launch of the project and I am convinced that, until the first results will be published – which is due to happen during 2018’s autumn – other companies will join the project

Silviu Ispas,

President BRAT

SAO’s methodology respects the international standards specific to audience studies for OOH and was chosen by BRAT members following an attentive consultation related to the methods used in other countries where such studies are made successfully for several decades. In the same time, the chosen methodology matches the highest standards in sociological research, and are adapted to Romania’s specifics.

SAO’s methodology includes 4 main stages: mobility study (observing population’s travel habits), inventor for OOH panels in the cities included within the study and calculating the visibility areal for each panel. Afterwards, by overlaying the population mobility data with the visibility areals data there will be determined the audience indicators for each panel and their socio-demographic profiles. In the end, all those results will be integrated within a specialized software for media analysis and planning.

The OOH audience study will consider the population aged 14-74 y.o. with residence in Bucharest and other 10 big Romanian cities and provides results for over 10,000 panels of all types. The mobility study will be made in the first year of study on a representative sample of 15,000 people, based on continuous collection of data regarding consumption habits during a year and based on CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) method.

BRAT will partner with 4 marketing research companies in order to realize SAO’s mobility study, combining the international expertize in making media studies at international level from companies like GfK Romania and IPSOS Romania with the local expertize of CC SAS and Metro Media Transilvania.