Engie Romania launched a new campaign to boost its notoriety on the local market

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Engie Romania and McCann PR launched a new campaign aimed to boost company’s notoriety on the local market. The new campaign is illustrating the infinite energy sources from everyone’s daily life, from gas and electricity to people and emotions

(…) The new notoriety campaign we developed for Romania highlight, with a human and emotional approach, all our brand’s attributes that we wish to relay also to the consumers: humanity, solidarity, agility, adaptability and innovation.

Eric Stab,

President General Manager Engie Romania

ENGIEs’ new image campaign aims to redefine consumers’ perception over ENGIE brand and targets both business and private clients. ENGIE wants to encourage Romanians to find inexhaustible energy sources, from intangible to real ones, which can fuel their desire to go forward. This image campaign comes with a human approach, which completes the solid expertise ENGIE has within the industry and communicates an emotional message, which aims to explore also other types of energy, as a result of a profound understanding of the consumers

Amalia Anghel,

Chief Corporate Communication Service ENGIE Romania

This is the first campaign of such magnitude we make for our client ENGIE and we are very proud of it. The brief wasn’t easy, but we had a fantastic team, starting with the client, who was wonderful, trusted us , encouraged all ideas on the spot and laughed together with us to all that happened when filming, to Traian, the creative mind behind the campaign, with an inexhaustible energy, to the film crew from Studioset, a super professional one, to Zak Emerson, the British director annoyingly perfectionist, to the funny Colombian DOP, everyone involved was happy, eager to help and positive. I think this positive vibe was our source of energy in developing the campaign.

Imola Zoltan,

Managing Director McCann PR

The campaign was made by McCann PR together with Studioset, with the TVC directed by Zak Emerson. “Where do you take your energy” is an integrated communication campaign, with ATL as main component (Manifesto TVC of 60 seconds and 2 ads of 30 seconds), which also includes online and outdoor.


ENGIE Romania

  • Amalia Anghel, Chief Corporate Communication Service
  • Alexandra Ilinca, Manager communication project

McCann PR

  • Traian Aron, Art Director
  • Dan Stanescu, Copywriter
  • Imola Zoltan, Project Manager
  • Alina Huiban, Event Coordinator
  • Lavinia Iancu, Account Executive


  • Tiberiu Munteanu, AV Director


Dan Mateescu, Producator
Zak Emerson, Regizor
Federico Alfonzo, DOP
Adrian Smarandache, Producator Executiv
Iulia Bacanu si Marius Erhan, UPM
Andrei Enoiu, 1st AD
Camelia Tutulan, Art Direction
Cristina Craciun, Stilist
Anca Istudor si Cristine Popovici, Asistent Productie

Post Production
Bogdan Jugureanu, Edit
Calin Bogdacenco, VFX
Stefan Crisan, Andrei Nechifor, Sound Design
Simona Macarie, Traffic