DS 3 CrossBack to star in an international ad campaign signed by Publicis La Maison x Marcel

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Just when DS 3 CrossBack will arrive in the DS exclusive network, DS Auto-mobiles will launch an international advertising campaign with Publicis La Maison x Marcel staging this new icon of high-tech style.

Pushing back the limits, DS 3 CrossBack is a vehicle of distinctive styling and exceptional proportions, available in its 100% electric version E-Tense, featuring exclusive technologies and unique refinement. DS 3 CrossBack is both a city car and a long-distance road car for all those looking for a car with instant appeal that is stylish, dynamic and elegant. With this car, DS Automobiles is not only conquering a new segment, but letting the world know that it is here to stay and will continue to represent French luxury savoir-faire and high technology in the auto-motive industry.

DS 3 CrossBack is definitively an iconoclast vehicle, breaking the codes in the category with its sculptural design and hi-tech equipment. That’s why we wanted a campaign that would reflect the car’s bold spirit. By reinventing the Mona-Lisa, affirming our convictions or inviting viewers not to be followers, we take a stand and send a strong message about what we believe

Arnaud Ribault,

Brand Director

To launch this new icon of high-tech style, the brand needed to push the boundaries, defy and reinvent the traditional codes. Hence, DS Automobiles created a campaign as unique and avantgarde as this car in order to express its iconoclast spirit.

The series of short format films defy the much-expected long format film. The brand opted instead for short impactful ‘tableaux’ to reflect what it takes to push the limits, to stand up for your beliefs, to follow your convictions. Just like DS 3 CrossBack defying style with its bold lines and pushing innovation with its hi-tech package onboard. The films will inspire & inform, elevate & illustrate, with strong imagery reinventing the codes we know & celebrating the car features.

DS Automobiles reached out to Daisy Zhou (Boogie Nights Production) , named of one Adweek’s top 15 talented directors raising the standard for storytelling, to reinvent the codes of the auto-mobiles advertising. Her signature camera moves and her experience with music videos and documentaries provide a fresh new take on how to bring out the spirit of the car. The music also em-braces with elegance the iconoclast character of the car, with its modern electro sound mixed to a celebratory organic trumpet, announcing the birth of a new icon.

The campaign was launched in Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia on May 12th.


Client team : DS Automobiles

  • Arnaud Ribault, Pénélope Yeatman Eiffel, Stéphanie Thienot

Agency : Publicis La Maison x Marcel

  • President : Charles Georges-Picot
  • Executive Creative Director : Anne de Maupeou
  • Art Director : Emilie Ramain
  • Conception and Copywriter : Olivier Dermaux and Sophian Bouadjera
  • Managing Partner in charge of strategy : Nicolas Levy
  • Strategy planning : Leoda Esteve
  • Partner – Head of Global Business : Christophe Neyret
  • Group Account Director : Fanny Delaunay
  • Account Manager : Margaux Saltiel
  • TV Producer : Cleo Ferenczi (Prodigious)

Production Film : Boogie Nights

  • Director : Daisy Zhou
  • Producer : Jonas Ramus

Post-production : Small

Sound production : Prodigious


  • Singer : Abrahaam
  • Iconoclast
  • Publisher : Universal