Marcel and Meetic / Match think commitment is the new sexy

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A Kantar TNS Love Connections for Match in 2019 showed that, nowadays, 45% of single women complain about the lack of commitment of other singles and that in a world where one can date almost anyone, anywhere, anytime.

In a fast-dating-apps environment, a lot of singles are constantly tempted to date someone new, thinking the grass is always greener somewhere else. This leads to meaningless connections between people, unpleasant dating behaviours and an absence of commitment.

On the other hand, many singles are still ready for a real story. They are willing to commit to their search for love, have the right intentions and are truly invested in their dates. These are the kind of singles you can find on Match.

Unfortunately, in recent years, modern dating often portrayed this great mindset as old-fashioned and boring in favour of swipes and unlimited exploration. When you’re listening to them, commitment may sound like a bad word. That’s why Match has decided to do the exact opposite and celebrate the sexiness, the coolness of commitment.

The campaign, based on quotes from 7 ex-singles resonates as 7 reasons to remind commitment leads to real stories without losing their sexiness. Because moving in together, sharing a toothbrush glass, or even searching for your next holiday location together can be very desirable… even in 2019.

With this European campaign developed by Marcel, Match calls disappointed committed singles to join a place where they can start real stories.

As VP Brand and Consumer Europe Jérôme Rivière said:

This campaign is a statement from the brand to celebrate committed singles in dating. Our mission is to create a dating journey that’s worth it and help singles to Start Something Real. The best way to do so is to connect them with singles that want the same thing.

Launched in Scandinavia, the UK and in France this summer in OOH, digital and radio, the campaign will roll out in the rest of Europe until this fall.


Meetic / Match

  • CEO Match Group EMEA & APAC : Alexandre Lubot
  • CEO Meetic : Matthieu Jacquier
  • VP Consumer & Marketing Europe: Jérôme Rivière
  • VP Markets Europe : Sophie AK Gazeau
  • Marketing Manager Europe: Julie Deffontaines
  • Social Media Manager Europe: Clara Lesaulnier
  • France Market Director : Héloïse des Monstiers
  • UK Market Director : Joanna Pons


  • Creative Chairman: Anne DE MAUPEOU
  • Executive Creative Directors: Gaëtan DU PELOUX & Youri GUERASSIMOV
  • Associate Director: Sébastien JAUFFRET
  • Copywriter: Laura AONDIO, Virgile LASSALLE
  • Artistic Director : Francesca VITELLO
  • Strategic Planners: Léoda ESTEVE, Alexandre HONORÉ
  • Account Manager: Angelo GIORDANO
  • Account Executive: Claire SIOUFI
  • Project manager: Marine BORREIL
  • Social Media Manager: Constance BONARDI
  • Print Producers: Suzanne PEREIRA DIAS, Nathalie TURMEL
  • Print designer: Christophe GILLON
  • Motion Designers: Olivia GARAUD, Maxime PHILIPPEAUX, Vincent IWEINS