Evensys launched the marketing portal Romania Back to Business

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Year after year we are enjoying Webstock together and we cannot wait to see each other again. That is how the latest Evensys newsletter started.

Even though we stay in house for a month, we stay home. For each Evensys conference- and especially Webstock – is a content with a lot of inspiration and a lot of know-how platform, we launched the first editorial project dedicated to the marketing industry during Covid-19. The portal BacktoBusiness.ro proposes itself to find solutions and ideas for the local business community. We proposed ourselves to reach as much people as possible in Romania, to inspire them and especially to support their marketing campaigns, including in social media and on blogs,” said the Evensys representatives.

Marketing plays an important role in the life of a company and not only 

The companies that promote themselves in the hard times win on medium and long term. The ones that stop advertising create themselves a handicap on the market. The studies show that 60 % of the companies that stopped advertising for more than 6 months registered drops for at least one indicator of the brands’ performance.

At the same time, the large public needs the companies to communicate and inform them in difficult times. The people are paying more attention to novelties and spend more time consuming media. Moreover, the web navigation grew for 37% of Romanians, the classic TV consumption for 27% of Romanians and the social media usage for 30%.

Romanians want to feel alongside them their favorite brands. They are paying attention to the companies involvement and reward the ones that are responsible. A Kantar study showed that only 4% of the Romanians want the brands to stop or reduce the advertising, compared to 8% of the questioned worldwide consumers.

The public expects empathetic, transparent and especially with a relaxing tone of voice messages. On their turn, the marketing people and the entrepreneurs need useful information in order to create positive perceptions and strong connections for their clients. The ones that will stop advertising will loose in the share of mind. The ones that will communicate through emotional connections and based on the same values as the ones of the consumers, will triumph.

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