SHISEIDO and heaven launch WASO manga series

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To promote the launch of two new products from the WASO range, SHISEIDO and its agency heaven are launching an influence activation inspired by the Japanese universe and the codes of Gen Z.

WASO products are both clean and respectful of the environment, combining the best of ingredients sourced in Japan. Yuzu and Vitamin C are the star ingredients of the new WASO products, the Glow-On Shot Serum and the Eye Awakening Essence.

To support this launch while embodying the brand’s Japanese DNA, SHISEIDO and heaven have diverted the tradition of shonen manga by creating their own story, highlighting Waso’s credo “from farmers to your face”: from picking the fruit, the explanation of its powers, to the application of the product. The muse is the protagonist of this tale which reveals Waso’s expertise, and more particularly the benefits of its key ingredients: Yuzu and Vitamin C.

Six content creators (Maile @maileakln_ / Giulia @giulscarano / Adriana @adiisworld / Aslı @sumenas / Karoline @karokul / Jasmin @yungredhead)  were chosen to be the faces of this campaign, and personalized versions of the manga were created for each of them.

The campaign is launched on TikTok and Instagram, and the mangas also have been produced in print, as PR kits.