Ogilvy Romania produced entirely the newest Milka campaign

Ads, Creativity

The most recent integrated campaign for Milka – “The cow’ animators”- was realized entirely by Ogilvy for the chocolate tablet with the biggest sales in Romania and that is part of the Kraft Foods România portfolio.

The creative concept of the campaign and the promotion mechanics are constructed around the little town of Alpenlachen  – a Milka town – and manage to communicate, in an unusual way a direct and strong message.

The communication campaign is a complex one, with complementary messages transmitted via a mix of channels. The promotion started with its viral dimension in social media, a strong buzz in online that promoted the cow animators concept, that included recruitment announcements on job sites and press in Romania, and continued with the development of the online platformwww.alpenlachen.at, that added a plus of credibility to the concept.

After a series of opinions and comments on blogs, forums and social networks, supported by a banner campaign and online polls, the communication campaign started effectively on TV, print, OOH and materials for in stire promotions

Once with this campaign, on the market appeared also the 1st TV spot produced in Romania and realized with the help of the director Laurentius Emmelmann

Ogilvy Group Romania is part of the international network Ogilvy, part of WPP.