Over 100M mobile consumers from 5 big EU countries received SMS Ads in september

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Over 100M mobile consumers from UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy received SMS ads, acccording to a comScore MobiLens study.

Conversely, more than 57 million subscribers recalled seeing an ad on their mobile phone when browsing the internet or accessing an application. Smartphone owners accounted for more than half of the subscribers who received and recalled seeing Web/App ads

Across the mentioned countries, SMS ads reached 43.6 percent of the 230.5 million mobile users in September 2010, while Web/App ads were seen and recalled by nearly a quarter of the total mobile audience. The most common type of SMS advert recalled was product, service or brand information, which more than 60 million mobile phone owners received, equalling a 26.3 percent reach across the EU5 countries.

SMS ads for donations to charities and non-profit organisations reached 9.7 million people and 11.6 percent of subscribers that received this type of SMS responded at least once during the three month average ending in September 2010. Coupons or discounts sent via SMS followed with a 10.3 percent response rate. Out of the 33.4 million people who received an SMS that promoted a contest, 7.3 percent responded. While SMS advertising about products, services or brands had the largest reach, the response rate was the lowest at 5.7 percent.

Also, the study shows that mobile consumers used their mobile phones, in the same period of time, to send SMS, to access apps, to browse, to listen music, to access blogs and social networks, to read news and info or to play games.