10 trends in Romanian mobile marketing for 2011

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A recent analysis made by Voxline Communication shows that Romanian market will see, in 2011, a sustained increase of mobile marketing.

“2010 showed a spectacular increase of the mobile marketing: more SMS communication campaign, a double number for the promotions that used SMS as registering method, mobile web campaigns, apps for mobile launched by retail and financial companies, campaigns using QR codes. As Romanian mobile market already exceeded  Euro 5M in value, (…) we decided to offer a top of the trends on the mobile marketing market for 2011″, Dan Virtopeanu, General Manager Voxline Communication, said.

The trends noticed by Voxline are:

  1. SMS will continue to be the main method marketeers will use to communicate with the audience. SMS will continue to be the base for over 90% of the mobile marketing campaigns.
  2. Promotions with SMS registering -will continue to grow, by 30-50% this year
  3. Mobile Apps – on 2ns place in marketeers preferences.
  4. Mobile web campaigns will represent a pleasant surprise through the results they will generate in 2011
  5. Online campaigns will start to integrate more and more elements of mobile marketing
  6. QR codes – will start to be used by brands to expand offline communication on mobile
  7. Mobile coupons will start to be a hit in Romania also, with the entrance of Groupon on the market.
  8. The mobile marketing budgets will continue growing in 2011, with at least 20%
  9. Real time location based marketing will continue to be an experiment
  10. Proximity mobile marketing (bluetooth) will start filling in for the campaigns based on localization

Voxline Communication was founded in 1998, with French capital and benefited from the start of European technical support and know-how in telecommunication and interactive services.

Among the clients Voxline Communication worked with there are Quadrant Amroq Beverages (Pepsi), Star Foods (Lays), JTI (Winston), Unilever (Dove, Cif&Domestos), Chipita Romania, URBB (Carlsberg,Tuborg), Western Union, Duracell, Braun, Dr. Oetker (Pizza Ristorante, Pudding), Fabryo (Savana), Wrigley, Farmec, LG, Prodal 94 (Stalinskaya, Wembley), Porsche Romania and others.