Unusual promotion for Opel in Romanian Ziarul Financiar promotes

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Opel Romania and Ziarul Financiar made the 1st interactive ad in Romanian printed press, launching an innovative project that sees the printed edition of Ziarul Financiar carrying a demo movie about Opel, Orlando Nicoara writes, on his blog.

Using their mobile phones, Ziarul Financiar’s readers can transform an ad in a videoclip, finding out the story behind the images. The phone must be placed on a marked area of the ad and its display will run a movie that will complete the fixed image.

This is the 1st time such a project is made in Romania, bringing together two media that had no common ground before, print and internet. The animation that is brought to life with the mobile phone is accessed via a web page – http://oferte.opel.ro/pod – that allows the visualization of the Opel Movano video.

This is a new experience for the Romanian press reader, that can benefit from now on both of print comfort and the dynamics of the digital.

The project, that practically reinvents print, is a daring project that was implemented with Opel România, promotes Movano model, and was possible with the help of Aegis Media.