Romanians’ Trusted Brands 2011

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Trusted Brands 2011, market study on European consumers realized by Reader’s Digest, reached to its 11th edition and identifies and awards the brands that managed to win Europeans, respectively Romanians, trust this year.

Trusted Brands 2011 took place in the same time in 16 european countries, Romania included. The study was realized by correspondence, in September-November 2010, and respondents come from the active clients Readers’ Digest data base. Among the countries that participated to the study, the highest response rate was registered in Romania, followed by Finland.

In Romania, Trusted Brands 2011 results showed changes in perception and trust compared to the years before, with an increased trust in Romanian brands such as Dacia (auto), Borsec (mineral water), Domo (retail).

Trusted Brands Romania 2011:

European categories :

  • Auto: Dacia
  • Home appliances: Philips
  • PC: Dell
  • Mobile telephony: Nokia
  • Mobile telecom: Orange
  • Photo cams: Sony
  • Tourism agencies: Paralela 45
  • Banks: BCR
  • Credit cards: Visa
  • Insurance companies: Asirom
  • Internet services providers: RCS & RDS
  • Oil stations: Petrom
  • Supplements: Eurovita
  • Flu remedies: Nurofen
  • Analgesics: Algocalmin
  • Hair care products: Head & Shoulder’s
  • Skin care products: Nivea
  • Cosmetic products: Nivea
  • Washing powder: Ariel
  • Breakfast cereals: Nestle

Local categories:

  • Bakery products: Vel Pitar
  • Dairy products: Danone
  • Meat products: Cris-Tim
  • Cooking oil: Untdelemn de la Bunica
  • Spices: Fuchs
  • Mineral water: Borsec
  • Pet food: Pedigree
  • Private policlinics: Medlife
  • Coffee: Jacobs
  • Toothpaste: Colgate
  • Clothes retailer: Zara
  • Home appliances retailer: Domo
  • Soap: Dove
  • Deo spray: Nivea
  • Commercial centers: Kaufland
  • Dailies: Adevarul
  • Radio stations: Europa FM
  • TV stations: Pro TV

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