Biz, the 1st Romanian magazine with an AR cover

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Biz is the 1st Romanian magazine that launches on the market with an augmented reality cover.

The 1st time an augmented reality cover was presented in Romania was at Zilele Biz, an event organized by  the magazine. Back than, Nick Sohnemann from Trend One presented a special Augmented Reality covered realized for Esquire and that had as star the well known actor George Clooney.

The new Biz magazine comes on the market with a special code placed on the cover, in a number dedicated to new entrepreneurs. Although it looks like a QR code, this one is working on a special page (, where interacting with the magazine gives access to content.

The code on the cover must be viewed by computer’s webcam, letting the viewer see a movie that has as a star the Romanian entrepreneur Vlad Stan, playing both the mad scientist and the business man.

As told in a press conference today, the augmented reality application was developed for Biz by Digital Star, digital agency part of Leo Burnett Group Romania. As the head of the agency said, the development of the app, from the idea to the final form, lasted 10 days.

 Biz is a Romanian magazine that appears on the market twice a month and targets managers aged 25th to 45th years old. The magazine appears in 10,000 copies, from which 4,600 copies distributed by subscription.