Nivea and its 100 years celebration campaign

Creativity, Marketing

Beiersdorf AG celebrates 100 years since launching Nivea, through the globl campaign “100 years. Care for skin. For life”. The campaign focuses on brands values such as trustworthiness, sincerity, safety, quality and family.

The campaign is realized and coordinated, at international level, by Draftfcb. In Romania, the campaign integrates classic media and is supported through digital, PR and BTL activations.

The ATL campaign includes creative executions for TV, print and OOH. Attractive visuals were chosen to accentuate the importance of skin’s beauty and health. Each visual is showing afectionate moments between people of different ages, genders and nationalities, illustrating, in the same time, the diversity of skin types and Nivea’s expertise in skin care.

The Romanian website of the brand,, was adapted to campaign’s image and atmosphere and includes new content regarding brand’s history and its experience in skin care. Also, it was launched a Facebook page for Nivea Rom├ónia,to keep the consumers in touch with campaign’s surprises, to reward their fidelity and to gather their experiences on the relationship they have with the brand.

The Romanian BTL campaign aims to bring the brand closer to consumers, encouraging them to interact in Nivea’s spirit. Each affectionate touch or gesture can be imortalized in an unique image, in Nivea Photo boots placed in Buchares, Constanta, Iasi, Brasov, Cluj and Timisoara. The people will receive the photos both in electronic and physical form. Also, the pictures made in the Nivea boots will be included in the anniversary film that will be projected on Cocor building, in Bucharest, between May 26th and May 28th.

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POS activities will be integrated in an in-store consultancy campaign, when the consumer will have the possibility to receive, at promotional stands, individualized counciling to take care of their skin and recommandations for products that fit their skin type.

Nivea’s global marketing budget for 2011 is of Euro 1Bn, with 70% of it being invested in the new campaign.