Media Fact Book 2011 and Digital Fact Book, interesting reports for abroad specialists

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Media Fact Book, study realized by Initiative, was downloaded, in only 3 weeks since launch, by 1,200 readers, from which 16% are from UK, Philippines, USA, Germany, Hungary, France or Austria.

2011 is the 3rd year in a row in which the Romanian media market analysis is also available digital.

MFB is, with no doubts, a brand that confirmed, over the years, its position as a realistic, professional and reliable barometer of Romanian media industry. Adopting the electronic format and developing an online presence platform doubled our audience and diversified the public interested by the info

Maruan Trascu

Senior Research Manager Initiative

Over 1,000 readers downloaded also the 1st edition of Digital Fact Book, signed by HyperActive. Among the ones interested by this report there were people from Germany, USA, France, UK, Italy, Spain and Netherlands.