BrandTailors made the internal communication campaign for Petrom


Romanian strategy and brand design agency BrandTailors developed the internal communication campaign for Petrom, launched at the inauguration of Petrom City center, the 1st set of buildings in Romania that were projected and built for company’s employees.

The 5 buildings complex, localized in the North of Bucharest, will reunite around 2,500 employees from the 8 headquarters of the company in Romanian capital and Ploiesti. To facilitate the interaction between team members and to make them have a closer relation with Petrom’s values, BrandTailors implemented the internal communication campaign “Receive to give”, that brings back the pioneer’s spirit, sustainability, leadership and professionalism.

The indoor panels system from Petrom City buildings aim to make the employees conscientious of the concept “Receive to give” and presents internal or external projects and CSR actions that are active.

Because  Petrom City’s buildings are gathering together a very big number of people, they needed something to bring them even closer, they needed a phenomena with implications at organizational culture level. The ideea of communicating visually the moments in project’s development or CSR actions that were made with employees involvement was a good pretext to remind them of what brings them together

Anca Tazlaoanu

Brand Consultant BrandTailors

BrandTailors’ team that was involved in this project are Anca Tazlaoanu – brand consultance, Bianca Dumitrascu and Ovidiu Pop – design grafic, Mihai Parpalea – image modify and pre-press and Ionut Militaru – Account Executive, former member of BrandTailors’ project team.