Femina project, promoted by Romanian advertising agency AdVenture


Romanian advertising agency AdVenture made the campaign to promote Femina, a project developed by Blockbuster Media with Romanian Association for Women Promotion (APFR) and National Institute for Marketing and Opionion Studies (INSOMAR).

Femina project aims to consolidate the principle of equaility of chances and gender in civil society for a better promotion of women on the work market and others.

AdVenture’s objective was to find a powerful enough concept to attract attention and to fit the project. The campaign includes 2 TV spots, 2 radio ones and 2 prints for press.

Women discrimination at job is a real problem in Romania, even if many do not admit to it. After hours of research, we were amazed to find out how big is the number of women that are better qualified and less paid than their male colleagues. Or the number of women that do not make a kid for fear of loosing their job. Campaign’s concept – choosing between a workplace or a kid is not a dramatization of the reality. That’s exactly what happens

Daniela Habara

Copywriter AdVenture

TV ads present the 2 situations: the woman that decides to have a baby, but looses her workplace and the women that has to abandon the idea of having a baby in order to keep her job.

Radio ads are developed on the same direction – the choice – but focus on simple choices that men have to make (between a fancy or a normal car, a better or worse ticket for a football game) compared to women, that need to chose between a baby and a job.

The concept is a dramatic one, because the product we have to promote needed such a concept. It was the only way of being heard and to get the wanted reaction from the public

Alex Zamfir

General Manager AdVenture

The campaign is active on local and national media channels.

AdVenture team working on the project included Daniel Toma –Creative Director, Daniela Habara – Copywriter, Ioana Tene – Account Executive and Alex Zamfir – General Manager.

TV ads production was made  together with Black Moon production house.

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