Lowe&Partners and HyperActive capture the magic of Christmas in a glass of Stella Artois

Ads, Creativity

Lowe&Partners and HyperActive launched a new campaign for Stella Artois that prepares special moments for consumers around winter holidays. The two agencies surprised the authentic quality of the special Stella Artois beer with surprises for all those that love December’s atmosphere.

In a number of towns, in 25 locations from Carrefour, Cora and Real retail networks, Lowe&Partners prepared winter scenes, with the up side down Stella Artois glass and the Snow Feeries, specially trained hostesses. By the end of the year, the people buying Stella Artois can win on the spot, at the winter dedicated stand, different Christmas items.

Also, all people buying the Belgian beer during the campaign – that continues until December 30th, can win one of the 2 trips for 2 in Belgium, the country where Stella Artois was born in.

In the same time with the in-store activation, the campaign takes place online. The online campaign has a song and a video exclusively registered for it by Romanian Breakfast band. The song was transformed, with Hyperactive’s help, in a Facebook app and an e-greeting