Propaganda talks “fish” on its 1st communication campaign for Alfredo Foods

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Romanian independent advertising agency Propaganda is casting fish in the main role in its 1st communication campaign  made for Alfredo Food’s frozen fish.

The campaign takes place in November-December 2012 and aims to encourage the fish consumption in Romania, as this is a product Romanian mainly eat during feasting periods and have some preconceptions when it comes of frozen fish

With the campaign, Alfredo Foods aimed to change perception over frozen fish products and encouraging consumption.

About the strategical approach:

We looked, 1st of all, to break preconceptions related to this kind of product and find a key attribute strong enough to include the attributes of Alfredo Foods fish and that could be associated by people with the brand. It wasn’t hard for us to reach that, as it came from reality. It is a truth that doesn’t need any make up. Alfredo Foods fish is wild fish, a thing that brings consumer a series of benefits and that deserves to be valorified

Madalina Harbuz

Strategic Planner Propaganda

Creative concept: 

Once the direction was set, developing the creative concept came naturally, exploiting the “wild fish” attribute. For this, a charismatic character, very talkative and amusing, was created and integrated in the context. The whale.

We proposed more directions, but the client stopped to the whale, to put it like that. We had to talk about wild fish and we thought what would be a clearer way to say wild fish than to show another wild fish, pissed off that it can’t catch our wild fish? The idea to make a testimonial with a whale… I think it belonged to  Strane (Dan Stanescu) and than passed through more script versions, until we stopped to the ones I wrote and that were re-written one night before filming, after a late meeting with the client. A client that, by the way, we would like to thank it allowed us to put the whale all sorts of words in its mouth. Ow, and we also have to thank Ovidiu Niculescu, for such a well played whale that we did modified one more time the scripts and the filming to include also the improvisations on the set

Vlad Tomei

Copywriter Propaganda

The campaign runs on TV – with 2 executions promoting 2 different types of fish. Until start of December, the execution ran on more Romanian national TV stations 


Alfredo FoodsLucian Usurelu – Marketing Director, Mirela Carp- Executive Director and Cristian Darmanescu – General Manager

Propaganda: Vlad Tomei – Copywriter, Alex Macsoda – Art Director, Claudiu Petria – Account manager, Madalina Harbuz – Strategic Planner, Andrei Tudorache – Media Planner, Bogdan Moraru – Creative Director, Corina Iovan- Strategic Planning Director, Svetlana Bulacu – Media Director, Marcela Moldovan – AV Producer.