Study: Bill Gates and Connect-R, ranked same by Romanian high-school pupils


37% from Romanian high-school pupils consider their father the model to follow, while 34% consider Romanian musician Connect-R on the same level with Bill Gates, the symbol of financial success, according to a market study made by Open-I Research among youth, on May 13-17. The study was made online, using Inovaction Research panel, on a sample of 569 people and included both high-school pupils and students, aged 14-22 y.o

We tried to understand better how young people look to present and to the future, what models they choose and what’s the reason for choosing them. Young people of this generation represent an engine for change, they are more pragmatic and active but, as the study showed, need support to be able to break the “umbilical cord” and get away from the old fears, frustrations and disappointments of the previous generation

Adina Nica,

Founder Open-I Research.

The choices made by young people are based on common characteristics on male models that they tend to be alike, from decision, toughness, ambition to financial success, reputation, elegance and refinement (looks and speech) and physical aspect.

In showbiz and business, Romanian high-school pupils have as models Andi Moisescu (28%), Johnny Depp (19%), Raed Arafat (18%), Pavel Bartos (16%), Gica Hagi (16%), Smiley (12%),  Ion Tiriac (13%), Mircea Badea (12%) and  Cristian Mungiu (10%).

When it comes of feminine models, they consider women must be fighters without loosing their feminity, they have to be successful, be financial independent from their partner and able to balance their career, family and time for personal care. The feminine model is also stylish and unique, daring, breaks taboos, self-trusting, courageous, but also altruist and involved in social causes. The top figures for Romanian high-school pupils are their mother (43%), Nadia Comaneci (16%), Andra (11%),  Andreea Marin (8%) and  Antonia  (8%). Also, grandparents are a model for 18% of high-school pupils.

Students tend to admire more male models like Ion Tiriac (17%), Donald Trump (18%) and Bill Gates (29%) in the business area and people that get involved in social life like Raed Arafat (18%) or Andi Moisescu (20%).  When it comes of women, the change goes from super-woman to performance (Nadia – 13%) or social /spiritual involvement (Mother Teresa – 13%).

Influenced by the pressure coming from society’s and family’s expectations and by parents’ pessimism, young people think of an uncertain future in Romania and believe it will be hard for them to find a job after finishing their studies.

77% of the students say they want to get a job and 9% want to continue to study without being employed. Romanians do not follow the trend in foreign countries, that see young people taking a year to travel after finishing the school, with only 1% Romanian young people following this trend .

The study shows that most young people want to stay and get a job in Romania (62%), 13% want a job either in Romania or abroad and 25% are convinced they want to work abroad, with the main reason for living the country being the image of “country with no opportunities”

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