“Moving Romania forward”, new campaign for Fan Courier, signed by Marks

Ads, Creativity

Romanian agency Marks developed a new image campaign for Fan Courier, “Moving Romania forward”, aiming to consolidate company’s leadership on Romanian courier services market. 

The new campaign is a normal step for company’s evolution.

It is easy to write for a leader. Because you don’t have to invent arguments or to build stories. You only need to look at the reality 

And that’s what we did. We analyzed the 15 years since Fan Courier is on the market. Where they started from and where they reached, what they do and how they do it. And it was enough. Because what they do is something big. Fan Courier is the link between Romanian businesses and, being that, it moves Romania and move it forward

Alexandru Aron,

Copywriter Marks.

The entire campaign is based on a simple and strong idea: if Fan Courier would stop even for a day, Romania will stand still.

Campaign’s ad is broadcasted on Romanian channels Romania TV, Realitatea TV and Discovery. The campaign also includes radio and online.

The TV ad was produced with help from Radu Muntean – director, Tudor Lucaciu – DOP, Dragos Porop – producer and the Multimedia Est team, that was involved in dramatizing the idea and turn it into a TVC.

Mark’s team involved in the campaign included Silviu Padurariu – Creative Director, Alexandru Aron – Senior Copywriter, Francesca Mihai – Junior Account and Demis Ghindeanu – Strategic Planner. From Fan Courier, Roxana Magopet – Marketing Director over-viewed the campaign.