Romanian Propaganda rebrands radio station

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Propaganda Brand new, branding division of Romanian independent advertising agency Propaganda, received the task to rebrand Romanian radio station Gold FM, with the brief stating the station keeps the name and frequency, but changes its rhetoric, and has new music and new listeners.

The stake was doubled by both the exposure and rhetoric the new brand was about to adopt, in the context of the industry, and by the fact that, today, it is rare to get involved in shaping the identity of a new brand in the media sector

Madalina Oanta

Branding Director, Propaganda Brand New.

Our aim was to give a new significance for gold, reporting to the listeners the new Gold FM was preparing for. People who wanted to listen to Radiohead instead of Celine Dion, wanted to find out not about political scandals, but about what concerts take place in the city and what happens in galleries and theaters, wanted to discover fresh characters, who generate positive transformations. Things that matter for them. And here is where “solid radio” came from, the actual slogan of Gold FM

Madalina Rapeanu

Strategic Planner Propaganda.

The identity part was conceived and developed by Ion Barbu – Senior Designer Propaganda Brand  and included logo, slogan, icons for each show, stationery elements, chromatic and visual universe of the brand and its website.


Gold’s identity is based on chromatic austerity and a direct attitude (…) Aspects we integrated into a smart and very visual brand, capable to support with clarity some of the best voices of Romanian FM. To put it short, not all that sounds well must also shine (…)

Ion Barbu

Gold FM’s repositioning and new identity will be promoted with a TV, press, OOH and online campaign,

Gold FM’s repositioning came normally, as a consequence of the empty niche left by Radio Guerilla. I know there were many listeners that didn’t find themselves in any other radio’s music or rhetoric. GoldFM bets on the talent of Mihai Dobrovolschi, a notorious radio programs’ maker, on the spontaneity of his colleague, Gilda Comarzan, and on the musical intuition of the playlist manager Matei Oprina, who, together, make an effervescent morning program. The programs schedule includes both scientific shows and quality entertainment with known personalities. The feedback we received during the last weeks that passed since we change the playlist, coming both from listeners and premium events organizers, make me say we made the correct choice and a solid radio, a voice of normality, was needed

Raluca Moianu

Programs Director Gold FM

The teams working on the campaign included:

  • Propaganda: Madalina Rapeanu – Strategic Planner, Ion Barbu – Senior Designer, Dinu Panescu – Creative Director, Madalina Oanta – Branding Director
  • Gold FM: Raluca Moianu – Programs Director, Carmen Ivanov – Online Projects Coordinator, Radu Rincu – Marketing Assistant