Nielsen: Signs of growth for global ad spending

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Global ad spending continues its recovery from the 1st half of the year, while US ad spending showed a 3.8% increase compared to last year, according to Nielsen Company.

On the US market, that underwent 6 quarters of decline in ad spending, the situation registered a slightly change towards growth in 2010. According to Nielsen’s statistics, advertisers spent around $54bn in the 1st half

The biggest ad budgets were invested until now by automotive (+26.93% compared to 2009), Pharmaceutical, Motion Picture, Telephony, Restaurants and others.

Nielsen mentions that, overall, there was a 3% increase in the top 10 product categories, with the largest ones for automotive and auto-insurance (+23%).

In what concerns media budgets spending on media types, US TV continues to dominate, with $33.8 bn in the 1st half. Also, national Sunday supplements received a boost, showing a growth of 20.5% compared to the same period last year, while US national magazines were also up 7.4 percent.


Regionally, the biggest growth in ad budgets was registered by Latin America (44.5%), followed by Middle East / Africa (+23,8%), Asia Pacific (12.1%), Europe (8.5%) and North America (4.7%). Worldwide, the growth of ad budgets was of 12.8%.