UPDATED: Redd’s Cranberry, flavoured with a brand activation from the Practice

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(adds statements, info about the campaign and involved agencies)

Ursus Breweries, Arsenoaiei & Matasel and The Practice, made a series brand activations in a few Romanian towns in order to launch Redd’s new flavoured beer, Redd’s Cranberry. Among the events organized on June 16th, one took place at Baneasa Shopping City in Bucharest and was attended by around 20 bloggers. In the campaign there are also involved Pepper Communication, Kubis Interactive and Media Investment, along with Carioca.

With new Redd’s flavour kept under wraps for almost a week and public teased via giant boxes strategically positioned in a few Romanian towns and Bucharest (Baneasa Shopping Center) and a special hashtag – #curiozitate – on Twitter, the unveiling took place simoultaneously on June 16th, at 6.30 pm Romanian time. The unveiling took place in the same time in Bucharest, Brasov, Iași and Cluj-Napoca.

The places where the revealing took place were carefully chosen, with bloggers being invited to come in a place where the new beer tasting  would give them the full flavour and a complete experience.

Redd’s Cranberry’s launch is promoted through an integrated communication campaign that includes advertising (TV, outdoor, print and internet), PR, online and BTL activations.

For optimistic women, active and that adore to spend their free time with friends and discover new things, we launched in Romania Redd’s Cranberry. Although the product is available for just a little time in stores, consumers’ reactions are already very enthusiastic, which makes us think that Redd’s Cranberry will be the perfect beer for women this summer

Gabriela Cretu

Global Brands Director Ursus Breweries

The teasing campaign that preceded the launch was made on 4 partner blogs in the 4 cities the launch took place, with readers encouraged to guess what is hidden inside of the colored boxes placed in previously mentioned cities. The revealing consisted in walls dropping down and allow an exuberant contemporary dance moment, that filled with color and vitality the urban spaces in the 4 cities.

The event also marked the start of a partnership between Redd’s and Dancing Bucharest and its support for Dancing City, a video project that proposes to reinterpret the most representative urban areas through dance and color.

Besides Arsenoiaiei & Matasel (Strategy & Creation) and The Practice (Strategy and PR), in the campaign are also involved Pepper Communication (BTL), Kubis Interactive (digital) and Media Investment (media agency). Also, Carioca handled the print executions.

 We are happy to work for Redd’s becuase we believe in brands that have the courage to target a well defined target group. Redd’s Cranberry campaign is promoting aesthetic in communication, especially as we are talking about a brand for women. It is an example in which communication doesn’t need to invent a promise because the differentiation point already exists within the product and it was enough to dramatize it into a beautiful story

Razvan Matasel ,

Partener Arsenoiaiei & Matasel

Redd’s Cranberry is a beer specially made for women, with a small percentage of alcohol (almost 4%), a combination of sweet and sour taste making it the perfect beer for womens on a sunny hot summer day.