Polish online ad market, slightly up in H1 2014

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Polish online advertising market went up 2.7% in H1 2014, as shown in the results of the AdEx study for Poland, released recently by IAB Poland.

According to the data, the value of Polish online advertising market reached Euro 296.5M in H1, up from Euro 280.5M in the same period last year.

The display ads represented 43% of the total market and advanced 6% compared to previous year, while an equal advance was posted by SEM, which reached to a market share of 37% in H1. Classifieds went up by 5%, representing 15% of the total market, while e-mail lost popularity (-2% compared to last year) and had only 5% of the market share.

Mobile and video posted the highest increases when it comes of their usage as advertising vehicles, with 28% and, respectively, 27% growth from one year to another and marketshare of 1.2% and 7.3%. Social media increased 2% compared to H1 2013, reaching to 5.1% marketshare, while behavioral advertising decreased compared to last year, down 27% and with only 0.3% market share.

When it comes of online advertising, the top 3 biggest spenders were sectors like automotive (18% market share), financial services (13%) and retail (9%). On a macro level, SMCG had 41% market share in H1, while FMCG had 15%.

The highest growth in online advertising came from clothes and accessories (59%), HH chemistry (19%) and beverages and liquor (16%).