Propaganda Brand New created the identity for a new Vincon wine brand

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Propaganda Brand New created the identity for a new brand of wine from Vincon, Doua Vorbe, focusing on wine’s quality to make people talk to each other.

We wanted to complete Vincon’s wine portfolio for the mainstream segment, dedicated to retail, with a brand to represent the essence of the wine, namely stories of any kind. We noticed in the research data we had that, although Romanians are interested in the complexity of wine’s world, aromas and the wine-making process, in the end, the most important remains the experience they had with the wine: atmosphere, context, friends, and, more than anything, the stories around it. In building this brand, we started from the insight that wine aromas and its quality matter, but the story around it matter more. And, not the least, we wanted a warm, friendly brand for our consumers (…)

Simona Hancu,

Marketing Director Vincon Romania.

As the focus was on people’s appetite for stories, Propaganda Brand New and Vincon selected as brand’s spokesperson the well known Romanian actor Florin Piersic. The association with the actor is at communication level, but also at packaging’s level.

vizual Doua Vorbe

On the labels, Florin Piersic’s image is doubled, as he is imagined in different conversational situations, as if he is having a dialog, in line with brand’s concept. When it comes of the name, we searched for one to raise to the level of the character, but which would also offers substance and memorability. That is why we stopped to Doua Vorbe (2 words –, both for the fine irony with the endorser and also because, many times, this is how the stories that gather and keep people talking start

Madalina Oanta,

Branding Director Propaganda.


We are extremely happy to have worked with Vincon to create and position on the market this new brand, Doua Vorbe. This is the 11th brand for which we work together (…) and we are very proud that our contribution to Vincon’s products portfolio became substantial. Propaganda is the agency who builds and supports for more than 10 years Romanian brands and the partnership with Vincon helps us to valorify agency’s philosophy – creative marketing for long term relationshops

Adrian Tuluca,

Manager Propaganda.


  • Propaganda: Vlad Tomei – Copywritter, Andra Rusu – Graphic Designer, Dinu Panescu – Creative Director, Corina Anghel – Strategic Planner Director, Diana Caracota – Strategic Planner, Madalina Oanta – Branding Director, Teodora Tunsu – Branding Manager
  • Vincon: Simona Hancu – Marketing Director


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