Study: SMS-es, TVCs and unsolicited e-mails – most intrusive communication channels for Romanian consumers

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Romanian consumers consider that SMS-es, TVCs and unsolicited e-mails are top 3 most intrusive communication channels, while marketers aren’t bothered by TV commercials, but include in the top 3 the online banners, according to a study made by Media Direction and Exact Cercetare si Consultanta.

As a first conclusion, the online advertising is not as annoying for consumers as marketers are thinking, concludes the study made to discover the way brands can relate with Romanian consumers.

Brand-consumer relation follows the couple relation pattern 

Gabriel Patru  - Integrated Communication Director, Media DirectionConsidering the increasing possibilities consumers have to be a voice in the relation with brands, for brands, the way to build their story changed dramatically. It isn’t just about what and where you say, but also about to whom, how and when you say it, exactly as in a couple relation

Gabriel Patru,

Integrated Communication Director, Media Direction.

The study was made in more stages and follows the analysis of the communication ecosystem and is based on a methodology developed by Digital Lab BBDO and Yahoo US.

Such a complex study was absolutely needed to understand the way technology transformed consumers’ media consumption habits on one side and, on the other side, to really understand the way marketers perceive those changes, and the conclusions are more interesting than we were expecting

Lacramioara Loghin,

Managing Director, Exact Cercetare si Consultanta.

Paid Media or the first flirt

Paid media generates the first meeting between the consumer and the brand: the consumer finds out about the existence of the brand and what it is offering. 61% of study’s subjects agreed that “a big brand is like an interesting person at a party” and Paid Media has an important role in creating brand’s image.

Marketing specialists and consumers both consider that what’s too much is damaging. 71% marketers consider that “some brand are sending messages so intensely and with such a high frequency that they get to the point of  “terrorizing” through advertising”; on the other hand, consumers aren’t that sensitive to brands’  assault, only 59% agreeing with marketer’s affirmation.

Owned Media or the first dates

During the first dates, we try and manage to hide what we like the less in ourselves and to focus on qualities. That’s why Owned Media, although not at all intrusive, isn’t considered fully credible: 59% consumers consider that information available on a company’s website present and amplify only brand’s positive aspects, with 62% marketers having the same opinion.

Moreover, asked what consumers are doing on a brand’s website, the most frequent reason for a visit is familiarizing with the brand, product or offer (56%), buying where this option exists (42%) and sending an e-mail or comment via the official website (32%) although only 16% actually receive a reply for the messages they sent that way.

Earned Media – already a relationship 

Around 50% of Romanian consumers think that social networks and reviews websites are providing realistic perspectives over brands and brands are forced to be more responsible due to social networks, even if the consumers who believe are less than the marketers that have the same opinion. Marketers give to social media a higher importance when it comes of building a brand’s image in front of the consumers than consumers do.

The study made by Media Direction and Exact Cercetare si Consultanta took place in 4 stages: the first 2 based on a qualitative research (interviews with representative marketers and consumers with influence in social media) and 2 quantitative, during which the findings in the 2 stages of the study were validated. The study – with preparations, collecting info and data processing – lasted around 6 months.

Exact Cercetare si Consultanta is a full-service agency active on Romanian market since 2008 and has a team of people characterized by professionalism, enthusiasm and involvement. The agency offers integrated solutions to answer the needs of its clients, going from qualitativ to quantitative, from calssical approaches to innovative ones, such as online panels and monitoring and brand analysis in Social Media.


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