#MFB2015: Romanian media market, on the growing trend

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Romanian Initiative Media, part of Interpublic MediaBrands, launched the 19th edition of Media Fact Book (MFB), the only analysis offering a complete and objective x-ray for the Romanian media industry.

Alexandra Olteanu, Managing Director, Initiative Romania
Alexandra Olteanu, Managing Director, Initiative Romania

In 2014, the media market started growing again, after several years of decrease followed by a stagnation period. The growing trend will maintain also in 2015, with the main engine being the economic growth that starts to reflect in the level of consumption

Alexandra Olteanu,

Managing Director, Initiative Media.

According to Media Fact Book 2015, the Romanian media market had a positive evolution last year and went up 2.6% compared to 2013, to €313M. In 2015, it is expected for ad spending to reach €322M, which means a market growth of 3%.

We are happy to feel a revive of this market, that was direly tested during the last few years: both when it comes of the economical crisis between 2009 – 2012, and of legislative pressure from 2013. Although the percentages seem small compared to the booming years, this is a healthy growth, in the same rhythm with the economical index of consumption determining it

Alexandra Olteanu.

In 2014, the only media posting increases in volumes were TV and online, which attracted ad budgets of €198M and, respectively, €51M. The radio market (€18M) and the OOH one (€28M) maintained to constant values, while the budgets attracted by printed media continued to decrease in 2014, with the sector loosing 10% of ad volumes and reaching to the smallest value on the media market (only €17M).

For 2015, MFB’s estimate on the value of media volumes attracted by TV is of €205M, up 3.5% compared to 2014. In the same time, online continues its sustained growth (+10%), while radio and OOH are areas that maintain around the same values, without any noticeable evolutions. When it comes of decreases, MFB estimates print will loose 10% of ad volumes.

Media Fact Book is the only analysis report of Romanian media and advertising market. The guide is published every year by Initiative Romania, starting 1997. The study is available and can be downloaded in English from www.mediafactbook.ro.

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