Top automotive brands with the biggest advertising volume in the first five months of 2013

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Despite the negative forecasts on market’s evolution, car makers keep promoting their products. mediaTRUST made an analysis and spotted the most visible car brands, from advertising’s point of view, during the first five months of 2013.

Dacia is the most advertised car brand between January 1st – May 31st . The Romanian brand had the highest number of ads (7,253), seconded by Renault (5,557 ads) and Nissan (2,337). Next in line were Mercedes (2,327 ads), Toyota (2,063 ads) and Ford, with 1,613 ads.

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According to the report, there were 30,592 ads for cars broadcasted between  January 1 – May 31, mainly in visual media: 27,666 on TV, 2,304 on radio and 622 in newspapers and magazines.

mediatrust masini 2Top brands in term of appearances in print

Dacia takes the cake also when it comes of number of materials in print, with a total of 909 articles, seconded by Mercedes (802) and followed by Renault (726), BMW (722), Ford (650) and Volkswagen (635).

mediatrust masini 3The report is based on monitoring a total of 30,592 automotive ads that ran between January 1st – May 31st, on 20 TV stations, 12 radios and in 200 central publications