Media Fact Book Initiative 2013: Performance media – biggest increase of ad budgets attracted in 2012

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Initiative Romania launched Media Fact Book 2013, the 17th edition of the study that makes a complete analysis of Romanian media market, highlighting market’s transformations during 2012 and perspectives and trends for 2013.

Given being the fragmentation and customization of the media content, market’s answer consisted in an increase of the performance media importance, this being the segment with the highest increase in terms of attracted budgets – up 47% in 2012 compared to 2011.

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According to Media Fact Book, Romanian media market decreased 2%, same as in 2011. All media channels were affected by this decrease, with print suffering the most as it posted a -10% compared to 2011. Radio ad budgets dropped by 8%, OOH – 5% and TV by 4 %. Online is the only channel that continues to grow, reaching a market quota of 14%, second after TV, especially due to ad volumes invested in Facebook and SEM.

Biggest investor in advertising is mobile communication industry, while biggest increase compared to last year came from cosmetics and health care products sector.

Initiative appreciates the Romanian media market will continue the descending trend also in 2013, with a decrease of 2-3% compared to 2012.

We’re expecting TV to drop this year and to reach to a market share of 62%, from 64% in 2012. Print and radio will continue to develop integrated projects, with strong digital, social and mobile components, trying to get new ways to secure income and loyalize consumers. Digital continues on ascending trend, fueled mainly by the increase of performance media sector, along with display advertising, that continues to offer brands the possibility of an impact digital presence

Alexandra Olteanu,

Managing Director Initiative.

When it comes of digital media, it will focus more on content, targeting consumers mainly via social media.

Media Fact Book can be seen and downloaded in digital format from study’s website