Irina Manole (Oxygen): „Consumers, partners and employees are increasingly asking for information about the companies’ sustainable practices”

Oxygen is the first integrated communications agency in Romania to offset its carbon footprint and become carbon-neutral. The agency also launches a new department providing companies strategic consulting and communication […]

Oxygen, appointed Romanian Farmec’s creative agency to reposition Nufar and Triumf brands

Full-service agency Oxygen expands its collaboration with Farmec, one of the largest Romanian companies on the market, following an ATL pitch. Oxygen will provide integrated brand strategy, ATL communication, and […]

BETANO invites the users to discover the thematic universes of the online casino, in a campaign signed by Oxygen

“Press play, the game starts now” (in original: Apasă play, jocul începe acum) is the invitation that BETANO launched to the people passionate by online games, encouraging them to discover […]

DRUID introduces Oxygen, a new release designed to revolutionize the conversational automation space

DRUID introduces Oxygen, its latest technology release that promises to effectively revolutionize the conversational automation space by making AI-driven virtual assistants’ deployments for companies of any size dramatically faster and […]