Initiative: Romanian media market, up 10% in 2016, 4% more then previously estimated

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Romanian media market grew up by 10% in 2016 compared to the previous year, to €366M, according to revised data from Media Fact Book, report made by Initiative. The development of the market surpasses by 4% the previous estimates in the report, released in May and which were showing a 6% increase of the Romanian media market in 2016 compared to 2015.

The second part of the year brought a higher then expected growth of the media market, determined mainly by the impressive investments in TV advertising, while the evolution of the other channels was in line with the estimates we made in Media Fact Book in May. These positive results will be supported also next year, when we estimate a further increase of the media market of 6%, to €389M

Alexandra Olteanu,

Managing Director, Initiative

According to Initiative, the investments in TV advertising in Romania will be €240M this year, following a sustained growth of over 10% compared to 2015. TV isn’t the only channel which posted growth in 2016, online also attracted 12% more budgets, reaching to €64M, while radio is estimated to reach to ad budgets of €20M, up 5% compared to last year. In the same time, OOH market maintains to €28M and print posts a decrease of 10%, to €14M, with more and more Romanian publishers giving up print for their publications.

When it comes of Romanian media market’s evolution in 2017, Initiative estimates the highest growth will be posted by online (+14%, to €74M). TV budgets will also increase by 5%, to €252M, while radio will post a 7% growth, with OOH also growing by 4%, to €29M. Print will continue to loose budgets and the money invested will go down by 10%, to €13M.